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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

Postby TNPihl » Mon Dec 31, 2007 2:20 pm

By Ryan Al-Hakim
(Web correspondent)

We have come to the end of another year here at JCO and theres' no time better than at the end of a year to look back as well as forward in the life and career of Jim Carrey. This year "The Number 23" was released and it showed another side to Jim's acting skills as he played out the dramatic parts of Walter Sparrow and Fingerling. Despite an excellent performance from Jim and the cast as a great response from fans the film made only a moderate impact at the box office. That aside it is always a refreshing experience to see Jim play a more unusual role than he is known for.

To promote the film Jim made appearances on all the major US talk shows and as always was very entertaining. Personal highlights was Jim's appearance on 'Late Show with David Letterman' and his many impressions which were received with open arms by the audience. His schedule also included the following programs:

The View, Extra TV, Access Hollywood, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Total Request Live, The Today Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


Talk shows weren't the only times Jim made public appearances this year. He also made an emotional appeal for the release of Aung San Su Chi and overall peace and democracy in Burma.

Jim's next film, "Horton Hears a Who!" was filmed this year and is going to be released in most countries in March '08 with the remaining areas in April and May. Another film Jim has been working on is called "Yes Man" and is an adaptation of the comedy written by the Scottish comic Danny Wallace. The film is about a man who turns his life around by vowing to say yes to anything and everything he is asked. At the moment the movie is being filmed and from the pictures and short video clips we have seen so far there is quite a resemblance to "Bruce Almighty" in the way Jim looks. Lets hope "Yes Man" does just as well! Another reason to say yes about this film is because it is also being released in '08. December 19th is date set at the moment.

Lastly on this years films Jim has been working on a CGI motion capture film version of the Charles Dickens book "A Christmas Carol" even at this early stage there is much to be happy about as we already know that there is a fantastic cast and director involved.

Next year "I Love You Phillip Morris" the collaboration between Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor is going to start filming in the Spring.

Hopefully as we progress through 2008 Jim will continue doing what he does best.

In the mean time thank you to all members and guests.

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Postby TNPihl » Mon Dec 31, 2007 2:45 pm

Happy New Year

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Postby jimliker » Mon Dec 31, 2007 4:06 pm

Happy New Year to everyone on JCO! 8)

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Postby Eskarpin » Mon Dec 31, 2007 5:18 pm

If the life gives you thousand reasons to cry, shows that you have thousand and a for dream. Do of your life a dream and of your dream a reality. You closes the eyes, thinks about everything that caused smiled you in the year that finishes and forgets it others... I hope those smiles they are multiplied for 2008. Happy Year to all.
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Postby cotton » Tue Jan 01, 2008 12:05 am

YEAH Jim got elfed 2 times!lol

Happy new year everybody!
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Postby jimlover » Tue Jan 01, 2008 6:08 am

Happy New Year. :D
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Postby CarreyGirl » Tue Jan 01, 2008 10:28 am

Happy New Year!! \:D/
I love you all!!
I'm Dumb and I'm proud! :_D
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Postby cable girl » Tue Jan 01, 2008 5:31 pm

Happy New Year to everyone! :D
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Postby Happygal » Tue Jan 01, 2008 10:25 pm

Happy New Year everybody!!! :P
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Postby sprousefan23 » Tue Jan 08, 2008 3:42 am

It reeeeeeeeally doesn't feel like 2008...or is that just me?
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Postby alisonsarah » Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:23 am

happy new year to all my friends here! \:D/

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