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Bruce Almighty

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Bruce Almighty

Postby stephie » Sun Aug 18, 2002 2:32 pm

I understand that the filming will begin on Sept. 2 in Buffalo/Niagara region. Does anyone have any info on casting for extras???? <p></p><i></i>

Bruce Almighty

Postby I WUV JIM » Thu Aug 22, 2002 4:20 pm

Ya, i'm also wondering about Bruce Almighty, I would love to be an extra on the movie so if you have any information could you e-mail me at: bleu_tiger@hotmail.com<br> Thanx<br><br>P.S: and incase your looking for a 13 year old girl for an extra in the movie I'm your gal! <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :p --><img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/tongue.gif ALT=":p"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <p></p><i></i>
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Re: Bruce Almighty

Postby aces gal » Fri Aug 23, 2002 9:17 pm

ditto! lol. except i'm 14, and one of my goals in life is to be an extra in a movie! and it would be so awesome if it was a movie w/ Jimmi! <br> take care now, bye bye then!<br> <p></p><i></i>
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Re: Bruce Almighty

Postby CinnamonGirl » Mon Aug 26, 2002 5:48 pm

I found this article about the Buffalo filming. It looks like the second unit crew should be there any day now, but Jim won't be there until the third week in September.<br><br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://www.buffalonews.com/editorial/20020819/1041320.asp">www.buffalonews.com/edito...041320.asp</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--> <p></p><i></i>
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Re: Bruce Almighty

Postby mrsjec17 » Wed Aug 28, 2002 2:15 pm

Thanks so much for the article! Man, I wish I lived in Buffalo!<br><br>Melanie<br><br><!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :trumanb --><img src=http://jimcarreyonline.com/board/graphics/truman.gif ALT=":trumanb"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :lukeb --><img src=http://jimcarreyonline.com/board/graphics/luke.gif ALT=":lukeb"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :maskb --><img src=http://jimcarreyonline.com/board/graphics/mask.gif ALT=":maskb"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :lloydb --><img src=http://jimcarreyonline.com/board/graphics/lloyd.gif ALT=":lloydb"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :fletcherb --><img src=http://jimcarreyonline.com/board/graphics/fletcher.gif ALT=":fletcherb"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :riddlerb --><img src=http://jimcarreyonline.com/board/graphics/riddler.gif ALT=":riddlerb"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <p></p><i></i>
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