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Pics of Jim , Melissa and a very young Jane!

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Pics of Jim , Melissa and a very young Jane!

Postby Little Miss Carrey » Mon Jul 19, 2004 3:37 pm

I was looking for pics of Jim on google and I found this! I don't know if you guys have seen it before or not. So here goes. Enjoy!


I think it was taken in 1991 but I'm not sure!
Lots of love:
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Lemony and Jane

Postby Canadian Jayne » Mon Jul 19, 2004 3:49 pm

In the fifth book of Lemony it mentions
violins. I bet Jane can play better than
the Vice-Principle, even at that age.
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Postby jimliker » Mon Jul 19, 2004 5:55 pm

ya i have seen this pic before.
it is a cute pic.
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Postby idle kid city » Tue Jul 20, 2004 12:55 am

aww that is a cute pic :)
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Postby jimlover » Fri Sep 10, 2004 11:08 am

its really cute.
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Postby samurai_cable » Fri Oct 15, 2004 1:40 pm

I agree that Jane could definitely do a better job than Principal Nero...

She should have a part in "Series of Unfortunate Events". I've always like that picture, it's sooo cute!!

Thanks for sharing~! 8)
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Postby dina » Sun Nov 14, 2004 11:05 am

What anice picture little miss Carrey ? This is areal good one 8) I didnot see jane before or melissa so thank you very very much by the way iread some of your posts it is very good & you are areal lovely girl . donot think that iam :---) bye bye(dina)
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