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Interview 2 the portuguese actor who dubbed Jim Carrey

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Interview 2 the portuguese actor who dubbed Jim Carrey

Postby EvaAraujo » Tue Jul 26, 2011 1:19 am

I just thought it was funny to show the interview of the actor/host/comedian who dubbed Jim Carrey and what he said about our dear Jim:


For those who don't know portuguese here's the translation:

How was it for you to dubbed Jim Carrey?
"I have to confess that before the start of the dubbing process I was a bit apprehensive. But in the first minutes, I realized that the trades that bond us are more than the ones who breaks up apart. In this movie Jim Carrey is more restrained, fun, intense and very artistic. It end up being a pleasure almost addictive."

It's an actor you can identify with?
"It happen with me the same with Jim Carrey than with Jerry Lewis. I found the style strange in the begining, but it ingrained years later. Mostly after the movie "The Truman Show" of 1998, where he has a masterful performance. I was completly surrender to his quality has an actor."

Which scene was the hardest to dub?
"All the one where he says more that 5 words a second!" (laughting)

And the most hilarious?
"All the ones that imply the interaction with the penguins. They are irresistible scenes, and absolutely pristine of conception, tecnique and performance."

If you clique on the word "O Jogo" (which means "The Game")
You can play a game where you have to feed the penguins... Give it a try!
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