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Bradley Cooper says 'Yes!' to working with Jim Carrey

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Bradley Cooper says 'Yes!' to working with Jim Carrey

Postby jimliker » Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:34 pm

Bradley Cooper signed on to play the best friend in "Yes Man" for one simple reason. "Jim Carrey," he says. "The idea of working with him is like having a chance to play one-on-one with Michael Jordan. Jim is the reason, and the goal I had -- because I'm just the best friend in a Jim Carrey comedy -- was to hopefully make you really believe that these guys have been friends since they were kids, to humanize that relationship in a big, broad comedy."

On the first day of shooting, Cooper had a scene in which his character, Peter, spotted Carrey's Carl through the window of a video store and caught him avoiding his phone calls. "We took it to just a whole other level where we were shooting guns at each other through the window, like pretending to shoot arrows and all this crazy [stuff]," Cooper recalls.

"We started to play it in this 'Dragnet' style," he says. "There were a couple takes where it was very stilted language. But the best part of it was that, every time, Jim would just have this [different] expression that he'd have to hold for like 50 seconds. It was hilarious."

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