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It's me!!!

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It's me!!!

Postby Miss Munky » Sat Jul 17, 2004 9:34 pm

I just thought I'd tell everyone that it is me, SomebodyStopMe26. I was having trouble logging on again after the change so I just registered again as Miss Munky....
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Miss Munky
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Re: Hi Welcome Back!

Postby JimCarreyschick » Sat Jul 17, 2004 10:03 pm

Hey there welcome back somebodystopme26 aka Miss Munky, I think your new name is very cool! Welcome Back eh! 8)
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Postby jimliker » Sun Jul 18, 2004 11:54 am

welcome back somebodystopme26 ,
Miss Munky is really a cool name :P .
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Postby Little Miss Carrey » Sun Jul 18, 2004 7:47 pm

Hiya Miss Munky! It's me LMC! Glad ya made the change over! (even if you re registered) Now we can chat. Let's just hope Smokin can get through!
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Little Miss Carrey
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