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"No!" to "Yes Man"?

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"No!" to "Yes Man"?

Postby grinchy steve » Fri Nov 09, 2007 11:34 pm

Joblo.com : JFX Online, a new set photo-orientated blog has just gone live and they've got a bunch of brand new pictures/video of Jim Carrey working on YES MAN. The film looks at a dude (Carrey) who decides to change his life by saying 'yes' to everything for a whole year, it's based on the book by British writer Danny Wallace. The pictures show Carrey with his hair a little shorter now, and prove to us that the guy can't even pump petrol without pulling a stupid face. Are we really excited about seeing this? Do we want more Jim Carrey? Yeah, I'm on the fence too, how about if we factor in Zooey Deschanel, the chick with the eyes? Yeah, suddenly it sounds a lot better. Anyway, click HERE for a look at the pictures. The film co-stars the aforementioned Deschanel and Bradley Cooper (WEDDING CRASHERS). Peyton Reed (THE BREAK UP) directs. ,-Joblo.com

This article reminded me at a lot of other reactions I've seen on Carrey's new comedy this week. The quotes are italic, under them you can find my thoughts about it.

"It's Liar Liar all over again, what's the point?"

Well, yes. It also reminds me at the movie where Fletcher Reed just couldn't tell the truth. But I don't mind at all. Afterall, this has a whole other angle, I think. The only thing that will remind us at Liar Liar will be the fact that Jim Carrey can improvise like no other and make something out of these (whole other) situations.

"Jim Carrey pulling faces, it's getting old."

Is it? At least I don't have that feeling. But ok, let's resume Jim didn't do all those serious movies and I would think it's getting old ... isn't comedy about making it work? And that's exactly what he does. Do you blame Jack Nicholson about lifting his eye-brows when he plays the funny bastard again? Do you blame Tom Hanks for looking like Tom Hanks in every movie? Do you blame Al Pacino for his rage-moments? Do you blame Robin Williams for doing voices? Do you blame Robert DeNiro for his maffia-tricks? It's what made them the biggest guys in the buisness and they are doing it better then anyone else.

"I've seen it all before."

Now, that's simply bullshit, isn't it. If there's anyone out there that creates whole new things out of old situations, it's our Jim. How can anyone say the face-pulling Ace Ventura is the same as that wonderfull prestation as Hank/Charlie in Me, myself & Irene. Nobody did something like that before he did. The guy is full of suprises ... there is no way that "Yes Man" will be a movie where you have seen it all before. It's the Carrey-brand.

"So now he's doing a comedy again. :roll: Just because his carreer is going way down and he needs a hit."

What's the thing about his carreer? Sure, 'Fun with Dick and Jane' wasn't the box-office hit 'Bruce Almighty' was, but it wasn't doing bad either. And '23' wasn't doing that well, but -for example- it managed to stay in the top 10 for 6 weeks in Belgium. When you look at IMDB, an pick any A-list actor from his generation, you'll find movies with them that never made the top 10 or even worse, didn't get a theatrical release but went on DVD instead. Something like that never happened with Jim Carrey. His carreer isn't going down, that's for sure.

And even when we're not talking about the money, 'Eternal Sunshine', 'Man on the Moon', ... Even though those movies aren't the flicks that show up at number 1, those are movies and roles he got praised for by audiance and critics. A carreer that is over? Not at all. Not at all!

So, why are people so negative about this?
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Postby fluffy » Sat Nov 10, 2007 12:17 am

GGGGGrrrrr.......... those 'so called reporters' are everything lousy about pseudo journalism. They merely excrete their narrow opinions....i believe wholeheartedly in credit where credits due and all films have good and bad points. Why hammer a movie that's not even made yet?...

fluffy :D

PS. if the film is half as good as the book, it will rock! :wink:
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