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What kind of movie do you like Jim to play?

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What kind of movie do you like Jim to play?

Postby phantom » Mon Jun 30, 2003 7:23 am

I really want to know: what kind of movie do YOU like him to play? What role should they give him?<br>And do you prefer comedy or more serious work?<!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :D --><img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/happy.gif ALT=":D"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <p></p><i></i>
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Re: What kind of movie do you like Jim to play?

Postby gothichyppie » Mon Jun 30, 2003 7:53 am

I love both comedy and drama in Jim and I loved the way he switches from one to the other in Bruce Almighty, very talented guy!<br><br>As for the roles, I wish he could play a bad guy in the worst way, or in a musical to get the chance to sing his heart out! A very shy character would be nice too, but I think Joel Barish will do just the trick! <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START ;) --><img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/wink.gif ALT=";)"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <br><br>Anyway, no matter what he chooses, this guy will always keep surprising me! <p><!--EZCODE FONT START--><span style="font-family:georgia;"><!--EZCODE ITALIC START--><em>A n d r e a</em><!--EZCODE ITALIC END--></span><!--EZCODE FONT END--></p><i></i>
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