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Jim claiming to be pot and alcohol free/Doing time on Maple

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Postby YesGirl » Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:42 pm

sianlee wrote:wow omg .... I knew that Jim doesnt smoke pot or drink, but I hoped that he never tried drugs :( I know it would have been hard not to, I suppose nearly every celebrity has tried it, but i guess I feel a little dissapointed. Netherless I still love Jim now that he has stopped XD. BTW... does Jim even smoke? I know ive seen him in some movies like the mask smoking... but does he do it in real life?

I feel for you. I knew he tried drugs during his comedy lub days because he said he went on stage high once. And he used to smoke but he doesn't anymore. I was reading the EW article he did back in the mid 90's and they said he was chain smoking during the interview but in the 2004 Playboy interview he said he didn't smoke or drink. Although y'all did post that article saying he and his co-stars went to a gay bar and he was drinking. (Was he really and if so he must have gone off his 'thing' again; maybe he just drinks on occation.)

And cotton, may you send me the TV guide cover too? And the article if you have that as well, plz.

EDIT: I'm aware that this is an old thread but a new poster brought it to my attention.
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Postby cotton » Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:57 am

I do not have that comp anymore and I no longer have a scanner. Sorry.
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