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No "Dog Years"?

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No "Dog Years"?

Postby SA JCFan » Mon Jul 22, 2002 11:38 pm

This is from hsbr.net:<br><br>Hey y'all, So people in Gary Ross's office confirm that Universal loves Ross's script for SEABISCUIT and that he plans to direct it now that the Jim Carrey/Nicole Kidman thing fell apart. Look for it to happen very soon.<br><br>(Man, a potentially good project gone to waste...)<br><br> <p><img align=left src="http://jimcarreyonline.com/board/graphics/randomjim.gif"><a href><TABLE STYLE="filter:shadow(color=yellow, strength=5)"><TR><TD><center>*TaKe KaRe NoW |</center></TABLE></a> <a href><TABLE STYLE="filter:shadow(color=green, strength=5)"><TR><TD><center>| BuH ~ BYe THeN*</center></TABLE></a></p><i></i>
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Postby WesleyIsMe » Tue Jul 23, 2002 3:50 am

SEABISCUIT...the movie about a horse...I know the book has been a bestseller for some time, but yea, I wanted to see Dog years eventually as well... <p></p><i></i>
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Re: yea..

Postby Lizziloo » Sat Jul 27, 2002 9:40 am

bummer... <p></p><i></i>
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