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Fire Marshall

Postby Jim Carreys Gal » Mon Jul 26, 2004 1:30 am

I thought there were 4 seasons, cuz wasnt it from '90-'94? And I have never seen a Fire Marshall Bill skit, so I definetly cant wait to buy this 2nd season and thats the first thing I'm gonna watch! Also, I cant wait to see more Damon Wayans clips, cuz he is my favvvvv actor on the show (besides Jim of course) But I cant wait for more clips of him and david alan when they play those two gag guys, and when Damon is the homeless dude! AHHHH IS IT TIME YET TO BUY IT!

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Postby clemato » Fri Sep 17, 2004 4:41 pm

Oh My God.

Both Eternal Sunshine and In Living Color Season 2 are out on R1 DVD in 11 days ( September 28 ). Be still my beating heart!! :P
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