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Re: Jim Carrey Face Tape Wrapping Trend

Postby kaylizjimcfan » Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:06 pm

Canadian Jayne wrote:Yes, that the one
I just couldn't remember the word
When I feel down I sometimes read
things that take my mind off of what's
prompting me down
Recently I've been reading about
Joseph and his wife Asenath- from Joseph and the Coat
The bible story in Genesis
Anyway recent historical evidences have
found an old record, several from different areas
whether its actual or just and old story written
by someone I don't know, but it is a very interesting
story, I was wondering why it isn't a movie yet since
even if it is not true it is truly interesting.

I love Joseph. The Dreamworks movie always makes my heart jump. And Jim of course.
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