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Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bryant

Postby Twigggy » Sat Jun 26, 2004 5:48 am

I can't stand this man. He cheated on his wife! lets just assume he didn't rape that woman(which he did). I am tired of hearing about Kobe and I am tired of hearing all of his ignorant fans sticking up for him. I say hang his ass! The lowlife. I dont see why any women would want him anyway. His fans support him for one reason and one reason only because he is a good basketball player. If I saw him treating a woman the way he treated that girl I would bet the living crap out of him. but he says he's sorry for cheating on his wife! Oh thats a load of crap. The only thing that man is sorry about is getting caught. Throw his dirty ass up and throw away the key!<!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :hat --><img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/pimp.gif ALT=":hat"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <p></p><i></i>
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Man hater??

Postby Canadian Jayne » Sat Jun 26, 2004 12:42 pm

I feel that way sometimes too, twigggy.<br>Like anyone else if he's guilty he should get the punishiment. Sadly, the victim will always take a long<br>time to recover, if not their whole life. <p></p><i></i>
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Re: Man hater??

Postby carreyd away » Sun Jun 27, 2004 6:40 am

I'm a dee-vor-cee as my ex-husband had a tendency to wander...<br>Having said that there are still two sides to every story and the justice system (supposedly) rules that all are innocent until proved guilty. We as an audience hearing gossip can't really know what happened, that's the jury's job to sort out the truth and hold the guilty party responsible. I agree he shouldn't have cheated on his wife but successful people sometimes have trouble with fidelity when fans/groupies are throwing themselves at them. If he was looking to get laid I think he could have the pick of the litter. I don't think he'd have to rape someone, but then again, I wasn't in the room to witness what happened.<!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :\ --><img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/ohwell.gif ALT=":\"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <p></p><i></i>
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