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Gidget Gein ( Marilyn Manson's ex bass player) Gollywood

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Gidget Gein ( Marilyn Manson's ex bass player) Gollywood

Postby Twigggy » Mon Nov 29, 2004 2:09 am

Gidget Gein’s Gollywood
Friday, December 3rd 2004
Bluespace Gallery
5519 Hollywood blvd
323 465-5682
18+ $10
Bar courtesy of Redrum and Virgin Cola

Hollywood, CA. Dec 3rd, 2004)—LENORA CLAIRE presents,
GIDGET GEIN’S GOLLYWOOD, at Bluespace. A night of sexy subversion featuring a UNPOP fashion show by Gein’s USE ONCE AND DESTROY COUTURE. Live music by Ego Plum and The Ebola Music Orchestra. Models include BOYD RICE, Gogo Giddle Partridge, KITTEN NATIVIDAD, Goddess Bunny and a collection of phantasmagoric beauties from high and below. Other surprise guests to be announced. The night will also be an unveiling of Gein’s newest art. Never seen before by the public. Some of Gidget’s creations are in the collections of Asia Argento, Marilyn Manson, Boyd Rice and others.Come on and join Gidget on what is to be the freakout of the season!Artist, Musician, Writer, Bagboy, Surreal PoP Exploitationist.Gein's art can be described as Surreal PoP Exploitation, because it defies yet welcomes the world to put its dirty finger on it andclassify it as such.Born in the year of fear and turned over to Mama( catholic schoolteacher and den mother) and Dada( Police officer and part timeprofessional clown).GEIN's upbringing was a mixed bag of emotions and influences,ranging from melancholy maladjustment to dizzying windmill elation.Inspired to be stellar somewhere between circumcision and firstcommunion, by drive in movies, AM radio, and the nightly news.This early onslaught of the senses can be seen in GEIN'S worktoday.GEIN has traveled many roads, one being original baSSist, songwriter, and CO-creator of MARILYN MANSON and the Spooky Kids.This trip ended in 1994 due to chemical differences and a desirenot to be controlled by man or myth.Post MANSON, GEIN started the Surreal PoP Exploitation group,appropriately titled "thee DALI GAGGERS" described as " if ZiggyStardust grew up in the ghetto listening to Slayer and Johnny Cash".Lately GEIN has been subcontracted by the South Florida MedicalExaminers Office for the duty of removing the dearly departed fromcrime scenes and other attractions of an untimely demise.Absorbing all aspects of this job, GEIN injects them into his art.Painting, Music, Film, and other assorted chicaneryContact Gidget Gein at ggein@earthlink.net or Lenora Claire at redordeadlenora@aol.com for more information
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Postby MissVillain » Thu Dec 02, 2004 2:58 pm

Interesting. Too bad I can't be there. Since I'm here.. :cry:
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Postby Twigggy » Fri Dec 03, 2004 6:59 am

Awwwwwwwww :wink: its cool you can even talk to Gein on this site.

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