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L.A. County Fair

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L.A. County Fair

Postby Cheryl Anna » Fri Sep 24, 2004 1:34 am

A friend and I went on 9-16 and it was so fun!!
We got there before they opened (11 a.m.), so we got really good parking. Since I have a handicapped parking placard (since 1987) we parked two rows from the entrance. We didn't wait in line because I had bought e-tickets (printed out on my printer). We brought my wheelchair instead of the scooter that we usually bring. He pushed the wheelchair a lot, and I moved the wheelchair with my feet, other times.

We had lunch inside the Garden building. The exhibit was really nice-made with flower seeds-kinda like the ROSE PARADE. We ate near the wine tasting counter, but got salads next to the wine tasting counter.

We went through the fair and saw the exhibit "A Tribute to Popular Music"
They had one room of Bob Dylan photos. (I like his song lyrics, but his voice really threw me off. He is not a favorite of mine.) They had a room of Beatles photos (OOh, I love you Beatles!!) They had other photos elsewhere:The Doors (just one-should have been a lot more. Love that Morrison and his poetic style.), McCartney and Wings, Jefferson Airplane, Bo Diddley, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, etc. That exhibit was a bit of heaven-my rock star idols pictures all in one building-WOW!

We went through all of the buildings and saw the animals (including baby pigs and goats)

We stayed for 7 hours. It was a blast!!
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