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Eternal Sunshine line by line

PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2005 12:46 pm
by joel barish
I think its time to do the Eternal Sunshine line by line game now since it´s already been done with dumb & dumber and Liar Liar, so here it goes...Il start:

Joel: Random thoughts of Valentine 2004

And then you go on......

PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2005 7:06 am
by EternallyJIMS
valentines day is a day created by greeting card compaines to make people feel like crap.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2005 7:08 am
by EternallyJIMS
i meant to put
before the line i just posted oooppsy...:)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2005 10:34 am
by joel barish
Joel: i ditched work today, took the train up to Mountak, i dont know why, im not an impulsive person

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2005 1:01 pm
by samurai_cable
I guess I just woke up in a funk today.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 6:02 pm
by Replica
I'm gonna get my car fixed

PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 12:55 am
by EternallyJIMS
Joel: Hi Cindy, it's Joel. I'm not feeling well this morning. no food posining i think.

(ok completely made up that is goes there... if its wrong... i apologize now:))

PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2005 10:54 pm
by Anna Chalova
Hi is cool in this film! I watch "in one respiratory"! =D>

PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2005 7:16 pm
by Conor
this is a quote game. get with it.