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Looking for DVD of the Duck Factory, Rubberface... etc

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Looking for DVD of the Duck Factory, Rubberface... etc

Postby sianlee » Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:32 pm

Hi guys,

As some of you know i'm from Australia. I am after a few of jims movies which probebly won't be released here. We are region four though I am happy with any region really. I just wanted to know if anyone had his dvds, or can be put on DVD, for these particular movies:

The Duck Factory (Really want)
High Strung
Finders Keepers
All in Good Taste
Sex in the Family violence hour

Those are his older movies which are really hard to come by on DVD. So if anyone is able to put them on DVD, I would be really greatful - or who has them on dvd already. I need a few more of Jims movies like Doing Time On Maple Drive (which I saw last night on normal TV here! It was amazing and im so suprised it was shown!) I can probebly get that off ebay on dvd. As well as simon birch..... but those dvds are the ones that I am really after. I am willing to pay money through PayPal, and I do have an ebay account so if you have one I can buy it off you from there if you'd feel safer perhaps.

I really want to do this because as I am only young (18) when I get a house of my own I want to keep a room for all my Jim Carrey items. Firstly though I need to collect all his dvd's before much else. I already have a signed photo of him. Also at the moment im working on creating a collage of over 3000 photos I have of him into a magazine looking book also to go on display.

So I would really appreciate it alot if someone was able to do this for me. Having it in different regions doesnt really worry me too much, as long as it is on DVD I am really happy :D but having it in region 4 would be great because I wouldnt have to constantly change my region code on my computer (which gets set to a certain one after 5 times).

Thanks very much all :)
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