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Me,Myself and Irene

Postby january » Thu Sep 14, 2000 3:50 pm

In case you don't know it: The movie is said to be released on October, 19th in Germany. (www.kino.de)<br>(I saw it already in Luxembourg in summer, cause I just couldn't wait that long.) <br>But what's really stupid is it's German title: "Ich, Beide und Sie", translated into English: "Me, Both and She". Well, for me that makes four people: Me, two others (Both) and Irene (She). When "Both" are Charlie and Hank, then who is "Me" ? Or, when "Me" is Charlie, then who are the other two?? Okay, okay, in fact I only wondered why they didn't just translate the Original title?!<br> <p></p><i></i>
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That title...

Postby Angelika » Thu Sep 14, 2000 8:37 pm

I wondered about that title, too! But I guess they would explain that it's "Ich beide und sie" instead of "Ich, beide und sie" so it's like "both of us and she". But I think that's not the best title neither...:-) the original would have been better!<br>By the way, I'm still waiting to see it and I'm really suffering! I should have made a trip to the Netherlands to watch it there... <p></p><i></i>
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Re: That title...

Postby Pet Detective » Sun Oct 01, 2000 6:56 pm

I agree, it´s such a stupid German title, this happened already with Liar Liar which they turned into the embarrassing "Dummschwätzer", remember?<br>That annoyed me already, but this one´s even worse. It doesn´t make sense. Also I am never happy with the German versions anyway, the way the movies are translated usually takes much of the fun away. Ace Ventura is one good example, many of the jokes went down the tube. <br>I can´t wait to see Me Myself & Irene and I too wish I had gone somewhere else to watch it. Does anyone know why it comes out such late in Germany? It had been said to hit the cinemas in summer, then they postponed it to October. Why??<br>See ya!<br><br> <p></p><i></i>
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