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Yes man- dvd edited?

PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2009 11:04 am
by Riddler
I just bought Yes man-dvd and watched it.
I saw that movie in theatre in December and of course I still remember a lot of it.
Now I was watching this (Finnish?) dvd-version and there came a scene, which made me think that what the...?!

In scene where Carl and Nick are in that seminar and Terrence comes to interview Carl.
In movietheatre it went like this:
Terrence: Do you want to make a covenant?
Carl: Uh...No.
Terrence hits Carl to his forehead with microphone and says; The word is YES, Carl!

At least in my Dvd that Carl saying NO is missing!
It goes straight to that where Terrence asks about a covenant and then hits Carl and says The word is yes, Carl!

Now I´m wondering is it same thing all over the world or what does this mean? Why cut just a one word off?

PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2009 11:14 pm
by carreypunkrawker
don't know why they'd skip one little word. that's wierd.

PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2009 1:44 am
by cotton
At least in my Dvd that Carl saying NO is missing!

I haven't watched the dvd since I saw this post so I do not know if my dvd is the same as yours or not but I was just watching a special about it on ON Demand today and they played that clip 2 times. One time he said "No" and the other time they showed it he just groaned

PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2009 6:14 am
by txjimcfan
Im watching it now and Carl says "Um" and then gets hit in the head with tthe microphone :)

PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:08 pm
by grinchy steve
I think the NO-part you are describing wasn't in the theater-cut, but it was in the TVspots or trailers.