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Jim Carrey cuts a promo on WWE!!

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Jim Carrey cuts a promo on WWE!!

Postby jimliker » Mon Dec 22, 2008 5:52 pm

Some light fare on a Friday morning. WWE.com published video of WWE Raw diva Layla interviewing Jim Carrey, who is starring in the new "Yes Man" movie that debuts this weekend.

The very campy, but humorous interview includes Carrey being asked who would be in his corner if he were to wrestle, and he said The Undertaker. He also said he likes John Cena.

Layla reminded Carrey of his girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy, being on WWE's last Saturday Night's Main Event show to promote her charity, and Layla suggested an inter-gender tag match with William Regal against Carrey & McCarthy.

Carrey playfully balked at the idea and said maybe when his schedule clears in ten years. Carrey then tried to cut a "yell and scream and make big eyes" WWE promo to wrap-up the interview.

C the video!

http://pwtorch.com/artman2/publish/WWE_ ... 8704.shtml

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