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Who am I?

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Re: Who am I?

Postby carreylegend » Wed Oct 03, 2012 10:39 pm

ha just got to can't resist......I am a vacuous doormat, who waited ten years for a bloke to marry me, all the while he was testing out other chics in the process, I was 2nd choice as my now husband got rejected by a lovely girl who wasn't as materialistic as I and had my hunger for fame, I marreid a bloke I could sleep with after twenty five gin and tonics a night just so that I could play dress up all day and wave at stupid people who wait in the rain for me all day and give me useless drawings and flowers all the time blocking a zoom lens catching my knickers in an inappropriate dress I spent hours selecting....ps I look like a bloke in drag and wear the John Lewis latest couture drapes on my head.
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