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David Sylvian

Postby fluffy » Sun Sep 16, 2007 9:51 pm

Last night i saw David Sylvian in concert and he blew my mind......he's been my musical god since i was 13 so a concert always feels like 'coming home' to me.
Why do i mention him you ask??.........well David did the closing song for the movie the Number 23...........'The Banality of Evil' comes from an album called 'Snow Bourne Sorrow' by Davids collaboration called 'nine Horses............
Joel Schumacher gives the band a namecheck in his '23' commentary and he is a big fan.......

whilst i don't have a video of 'The Banlity of Evil' to post here i'll leave you with one of his greatest and most beloved of tracks...........enjoy (hopefully
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