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Test screenings?

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Test screenings?

Postby trishroberts » Mon May 29, 2006 3:22 pm

I wonder if there are going to be test screenings, I'm sure they will, I wonder when they might start happening, they have plenty of time to make changes, I'm sure Jim will be very keen to get this perfect as it's such a change from what the public perceive as typical Jim fayre.
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Postby MandyCarrey » Fri Jun 02, 2006 2:54 pm

It would be cool if they did. ........fayre???? lol. :D
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Postby Linda Marin » Fri Jun 02, 2006 4:39 pm

Its gonna be while till its out. Why is it taking so long, I wonder? Do they have a lot of special effects or CGI they have to create for the film?
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Postby fluffy » Fri Jun 02, 2006 5:30 pm

it's all down to release slots................they have to time the movies release so that it makes the max amount of cash possible.........so they look at the competition and the everage takings for months etc..........plus they might bre looking at gongs too............ :wink:

fluffy :wink:
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Postby Linda Marin » Sun Jun 04, 2006 10:00 am

I think Febs a dumb time to release it. No chance for any award consideration. They did the same with ETOTSM which in turn killed any chance it had for serious contention for any gongs...

But as an action/suspence flick, maybe it wouldnt win any awards anyhoo..

The Dec 2007 release for Ripleys at least gives it a fighting chance!!
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Postby KC8t80 » Sat Jun 17, 2006 12:41 am

u never know....i think it could get some contention for lesser categories. But if Jim is going to get recongized for Best Actor, he is going to have to wow them like he did with ESOTM.
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