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Trailer #2

PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2005 8:27 pm
by TNPihl
Watch the trailer (Moviefone) - the same trailer as the one from FX Networks:

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- Trailer #2

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- Trailer #2


PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2005 10:14 pm
by carreyd away
My friend's dog barks a lot, the neighbors complained so much she had to get one of those shock collars... of course we all had to try it to see if it really hurt the dog... too funny! I have to make her watch this trailer.

Re: I love the 2nd Trailer!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 2:59 am
by JimCarreyschick
I love love love love the 2nd trailer and can't wait to go see the movie on December 21st with my friends :)

Jen Carrey! :)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 6:49 am
by Rubberface
My doubts about this movie are pretty much gone now. I think it may be a good one after all! ...I HOPE! [-o<

(I always am doubtful about remakes...)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 10:51 am
by Realdini
Thanks TNPihl :D
This one is better than number 1

Remeber the 95 Jay Leno?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 7:13 pm
by Clementine
I don't know if someone has already mentioned this, but does any one remeber back in 1995 when Jim was on Jay Leno promoting Ace 2? He told the story of his little white dog named tom who he had to put a shock collar on. He went on to say that one night he was at home and just looked at the collar on the dog, and wondered what it felt like. So he put it up to his neck, barked and got shocked! He said it did it over and over again to make sure there wasn't any long term was halarious! Then he went on to say "So if your ever on one of those hollywood homes tours and you're wondering 'What do they do inside there?' " Then he said "Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the famouse Jeff Goldbloom's house" then he did an impression of Jeff Goldbloom getting shocked by a dog collor. I still have it on tape in fact. I should somehow get it on the computer or maybe just a soundbite.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 9:47 pm
by trishroberts
Yes I have heard that interview also,so funny...the idea must have come from that.
I have watched the D&J trailer sveral times, cant wait for it to be released...Do you think that is really Jim falling from ceiling ???? if it isnt his stunt double is more like a twin !!!

PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 10:19 pm
by On Mt. Crumpit
I'm gonna see this once it comes out here in the UK in January.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 3:30 pm
by Undomiel
OMG I loove the elevator scene :P HAHA

PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 3:36 pm
by Realdini
haha yeah :D
That it was i can really funny :D
Nice to see the hole scene later in the film :D

PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 3:53 pm
by Undomiel
Yeah. I am waiting........ :roll:

PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 12:35 am
by xmassmurdere
the elevator was really funny and falling off the japanese part was funny too cant wait...dec 21!!!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2005 3:41 am
by Sweetheart
omg i love the one 2nd row 2nd from the right WOW!!!!