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My Ode to Jim Carrey

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My Ode to Jim Carrey

Postby funkslug » Wed May 19, 2010 12:09 am

Saw him on eckartd Tolle's channel...inspired this

The mask from nowhere
Came to show us entertainment
As it didn’t come before
Everything else, one paced

You must have been in demand
All those years ago
I’m not a movie buff, just a man
Who also just now understand’s

How divinely special we are
Despite false prophets stealing
Our souls, from under our nose
Needless suffering, no healing

In this material world of ours
Nothing further from truth
You did well to escape
The ladder of material wealth

You must have got dizzy, or
Blinded by the stardom, cos
The real world, may I be bold
Is not as you have been told

Likely your Hollywood friends
The ones searching for inner peace
Will all come crashing down
As things don’t work; hit the ground

And the ground is where it is at
To continue our trips of spirituality
You meditate perchance? Or is that
Brain of yours always working overtime?

For the world, then maybe ww3
Other sick stuff you can count on
What’s your take on 2012, NWO
Nothing really matters any more.

Tell me sir, why should people suffer?
Unduly, when it isn’t their time.
Soldiers mum’s need to enjoy their kin
Humanity just has to be prime, in
Thoughts of the people, all the time
Love just can conquer all
The people in power; war crimes
Daily, due for a bloody big fall

I’m only a modest man, though
Bro is as famous as you maybe
Shame he’s not on our spiritual tree
Killing himself slowly; suffering

He’s one of the world’s best thinkers
And I swim in the same gene pool
I just have so much to offer
But checked out the game long ago

Wouldn’t play, The rat race is
bad for my health; something inside
couldn’t eat dogs; vegetarian
and never bought heaven

A thinker too, got it all worked out
The whole sick matrix; checkmate
All I need is someone elevated
To give humanity a nicer fate?

I just remember paying at the cinema
Queued in the pouring rain
Hell, its Wales we are talking about here
It rains most of the year

You have done well in this world
Your public bought your cheesy grin
And leaping about like a madman
Breath of fresh air at the time

Put some dollars in your pocket
Though they be worthless soon
Go on holiday to laos, with the tribes
Buy some gold, feel their vibe

Of mother earth, amazing
But if you got a spare quarter million
Under your pillow; to burn
Business manager, would be good

Out of the loop, but a key to the matrix
I do have, peace and love always
And a way to inject it, into the hearts
Of the people, through their TV’s

Using their weapons against them
And would make billions; no shit
So good it scares me; top secret
Some would be unhappy; so what?

Humanity worth more than shit
In my book; yours too, saw you
With Mr Tolle’s spirituality
Like the guy myself though small

Piece of my spiritual jigsaw, maybe
We could swap notes? You open doors
Maybe, got plans that could
Rock the earth to its core: Peace party.

Worldwide, take back the world
For humanity's sake, suffering
your fans don't deserve it, especially
those who ever queued in the rain
All for a quarter million, and a business brain
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Postby mysticwryter » Wed May 19, 2010 4:40 am

AWESOME! From one poet to another.....that's pretty good emotion from those words. Nice Job!!!
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Re: My Ode to Jim Carrey

Postby fluffy » Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:23 pm

wow that's some poem.... :shock: bravo! :D
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