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Top Ten Tuesday: Comedians Turned Actors

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Top Ten Tuesday: Comedians Turned Actors

Postby jimliker » Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:36 pm

Jim is No.3.

Pretty much the opposite of Richard Pryor is Jim Carrey, whose success in film far outweighs his success as a stand-up comedian. While he did have nominal success in the world of stand-up, it wasn’t until his breakout performance in 1994’s Ace Ventura: PET DETECTIVE that Carrey became a star. And become a star he absolutely did. With 11 films that have broken the $100-million mark (two of which broke the $200-million mark), Carrey’s success in the world of film began instantly and it has held true all the way to today. He’s had his valleys along with peaks. THE CABLE GUY in 1996 was considered the first Jim Carrey flop, though it still holds as one of the funniest films he’s done, and some of his more dramatic roles haven’t been readily accepted by his fans. His dark turn in THE NUMBER 23 is out-and-out atrocious. However, there is no denying the success Carrey continues to pull into any project he deems worthy of jumping on board.

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