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Postby Canadian Jayne » Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:02 am

Re: Carrey on Letterman (1994)

I wonder if he has worked with Tracy Ulman since that interview?

Did he ever do any research on how the two met?

It would be so funny to see a little clip showing the two kids
meet but in an upcoming movie that is totally unassociated with
Dumb and Dumber.

Like a flash back that you wouldn't know is there unless you are
really on top of the movies that Jim has played in.

If Dumb and Dumber was in the 70's era they would have to meet
during the 60's, I wonder if anything is coming up for that time era..
or you could go so far back that you show thier parents meeting
and planning their children's lives that could go into the 50's.
Maybe it would work in the "Believe it or Not"movie.

I wonder :-k :-D
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