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Why not ebay?

Postby 1YearFromDead » Thu Nov 30, 2006 3:29 pm

Because EBOSA is totally FREE. No auction posting fees! Woohoo! Of course, I still do Ebay for wider exposure for some items, but for the more private auction I'm going EBOSA for the other stuff of a few items.

And all the scripts (except two - they'll be auctioned privately here) and press kits are up at EBOSA. Just go here:


and do a search for "Jim Carrey." You'll find everything. They're all there for a ten day auction.

And for most of the rest of items I have, if Tommy is game, we'll do the Auction Forum. You ready to go, Tommy??? I'm ready when you are.

I can't do it Saturday. Got a wedding to attend. But I can do it Sunday. How's that sound? Or is that too soon?

Let me know,

BC :twisted:
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